Iouri Chliaifchtein v Wainbridge Estates Belgravia Limited is a comparatively rare example of a reported case concerning an injunction granted to prevent the alleged breach of a party wall award. In this case the defendant sought its costs of an injunction obtained against it by the claimant on the basis that the injunction had been … Continue reading Costs consequences for defendant of injunction to restrain breach of party wall award

If a solicitor, without the permission of the Law Society, employs another solicitor in the knowledge that he has been struck off the roll, section 41(4) of the Solicitors Act 1974 provides that the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal or the High Court can make an order for the striking off of the employing solicitor. It also … Continue reading “Ground-breaking” permanent injunction granted against struck off solicitor

On 17 January 2015, the Court of Appeal heard an application to vacate an expedited date to hear an appeal of a freezing injunction. The applicants argued that no expedition was needed because the case was an ordinary freezing injunction and therefore an ordinary interlocutory appeal. They said the expedition was neither necessary nor appropriate. … Continue reading Court of Appeal dismisses application to vacate expedited date to hear appeal of a freezing injunction

An injunction granted by Mr Justice Warby illustrates both the issues arising in respect of obtaining injunctions against “persons unknown” and also the technical difficulties in obtaining injunctions restraining any matter relating to news reporting. The applicants were Katherine Kerner and her son Jack. They had sustained press attention because in December the husband of … Continue reading Unknown unknowns in Kerner v (1) WX (2) YZ (Persons Unknown)