In Kerner v (1) WX (2) YZ (Persons Unknown), Mr Justice Warby has continued an harassment injunction and ordered disclosure against the DVLA for details which may track down the respondent journalists. The continuation of the injunction is interesting in that is shows the extent to which the court is prepared to allow injunctive relief … Continue reading When to continue: Kerner part 2

In BUQ v HRE, Mr Justice Warby granted the claimant summary judgment and a permanent injunction prohibiting the disclosure of private information even though a cross-application to commit the claimant for contempt of court was to be determined at a later date. Facts The claimant was the CEO of a large group of companies and … Continue reading Summary judgment and permanent injunction granted prohibiting the disclosure of private information despite cross-application for contempt to be determined at a later date

The Court of Appeal has exercised its discretion to hear an appeal from a party who was in contempt of several earlier court orders, in Hin-Pro International Logistics Ltd v Compania Sud Americana De Vapores SA. Several anti-suit injunctions had been made by lower courts prohibiting the appellant, Hin-Pro, from pursuing proceedings in China in … Continue reading Court of Appeal hears appeal from party in contempt of court

It is often the case that employers seek to protect themselves financially in the event of a contractor’s default, seeking either a parent company guarantee (“PCG”) or some form of bond (or both). Of course, calling a PCG or bond, including an on-demand bond does not guarantee payment, but the recent case of MW High … Continue reading Court’s power to restrain call on parent company guarantee or bond

On 24 April 2015, the High Court handed down judgment on an interim application by Huawei requesting the court make a summary ruling that two worldwide portfolio licence proposals made by Unwired Planet are not FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory). In refusing the application, Mr Justice Birss considered that he could not make a summary … Continue reading Huawei’s application for summary judgment on Unwired Planet’s patent licensing proposals refused by the High Court

In Aitken v DPP , Mr Justice Warby in the High Court (giving the lead judgment for a panel of three judges) held that individuals such as newspaper editors can be convicted under section 39(2) of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 of the offence of breaching reporting restrictions, which applies to “any person … Continue reading High Court dismisses newspaper editor’s appeal against conviction and fine for publication of a story in breach of an anonymity order