In Sloutsker v Romanova, Mr Justice Warby considered the principles for granting an injunction in a publication case where default judgment had already been entered. The claimant was a Russian citizen with strong ties to England. He brought an action against a Russian journalist in respect of a number of defamatory publications which involved allegations … Continue reading Grant of an injunction in a publication case where default judgment has been entered

On 1 August 2015, the High Court granted the applicants in AMC and KLJ v News Group Newspapers (i) an interim injunction to restrain the respondent’s publication of material relating to the first applicant’s sexual relationship with a third party, X; and (ii) a corresponding anonymity order. Facts The first applicant (A1) is a “prominent … Continue reading High Court grants privacy injunction to professional sportsman and his wife

In Petter v EMC Corporation [2015] EWCA Civ 828, the Court of Appeal has granted an anti-suit injunction to prevent an employee being sued in a foreign court by an associated company of his employer, despite the employee having agreed to that court having exclusive jurisdiction. The Court of Appeal followed its previous decision in … Continue reading Court of Appeal grants anti-suit injunction to prevent an employee being sued in a foreign court

On 14 July 2015, Mr Justice Coulson handed down a substantive judgment in a case brought against Milton Keynes Council (the “Council”) by a company challenging a procurement procedure in relation to the award of a £10 million framework agreement (Woods Building Services v Milton Keynes Council).  The court held that the Council’s tender evaluation … Continue reading High Court refuses to grant mandatory injunction in procurement challenge

ADM Rice Inc v Corporacion Comercializadora De Granos Basicos SA and others is an example of the increasing use of contempt in cases where defendants are totally unresponsive to disclosure obligations which are imposed ancillary to a freezing order.  In a judgment which will rival this post for brevity, Mr Justice Philips imposed 18 month … Continue reading 18 month prison sentences imposed for non-compliance with freezing order

In Elizabeth Watson and Craig Watson (proposed claimants), the High Court provided a salient reminder that, unless there is good cause, an application for an interim injunction must be made after the issue of the claim form and notice must be given to the other side. The Bank of Scotland plc had brought possession proceedings … Continue reading Court reminds parties that injunction applications should be made after issue and on notice