The respondents to a freezing order, who were alleged fraudsters, had been ordered to create an affidavit detailing payments received by them.  They argued that they were not obliged to hand over any such information until the applicant particularised its case.  They also asserted that the court had no jurisdiction to make such an order … Continue reading Obligation of respondents to freezing order to assist in tracing claim

In July we reported that in Packet Media Ltd v Telefónica UK Ltd, the High Court had granted an interim injunction in relation to a claim which alleged abuse of a dominant position by Telefónica, contrary to the UK’s competition rules.   This injunction has now been lifted. The interim injunction prevented Telefónica UK (operating under … Continue reading Interim injunction lifted in relation to an alleged abuse of dominance

The Supreme Court has recently handed down judgment in the case of JSC BTA Bank v Ablyazov, which is part of the long-running litigation between the two parties in which the claimant Bank has had judgment entered against Mr Ablyazov for an aggregate sum of $4.4 billion.  The questions to be addressed in these proceedings … Continue reading Supreme Court rules on the meaning of “assets” covered by a freezing order

On 16 September 2015, Mr Justice Warby granted mandatory and prohibitory final injunctions and made an award of damages against the unknown operators of the “Solicitors from Hell UK” website (“”). This case is believed to be the first time that an English court has made an award of damages against “persons unknown”. It is … Continue reading Permanent injunction and damages granted against person(s) unknown

On 28 September 2015, the High Court handed down a judgment granting an application by the the London Borough of Merton to lift the automatic suspension on its award of a contract for CCTV and traffic monitoring services (Openview Security Solutions Ltd v The London Borough of Merton Council). The award of the contract was … Continue reading Automatic suspension lifted by the High Court

If you are planning to obtain a pre-issue Norwich Pharmacal order you may wish to have a re-think following Master Matthews’ judgment in Towergate Underwriting Group Limited v Albaco Insurance Brokers Limited. Master Matthews held no reservations in asserting that an applicant for a Norwich Pharmacal order must show that it has issued a claim … Continue reading Want a Norwich Pharmacal order? You’d better issue a claim first.

Airwave, the incumbent emergency services communications supplier, has reportedly cleared the way for the Home Office to move forward with the upgrade its emergency services network. While its damages claim still stands, Airwave has dropped its opposition to the Home Office’s application for lifting of the automatic suspension of the contract under Regulation 95(1) of … Continue reading No opposition to Home Office application for lifting of automatic contract suspension

In Lebara Mobile Ltd and others v Lycamobile UK Ltd and others, the High Court refused an injunction in a “net neutrality” case.  The injunction was intended to remove a blocking mechanism which Lyca had imposed to prevent its own customers from accessing Lebara’s websites over its mobile network, and in particular a new VoIP … Continue reading Injunction refused in “net neutrality” case

In The Financial Conduct Authority v Da Vinci Invest and others, the High Court granted the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) a permanent injunction and imposed penalties of £7.75 million against two companies and three individual traders for committing market abuse.  This is the first time that the FCA has sought a permanent injunction from the … Continue reading FCA granted a permanent injunction in market abuse case