The Supreme Court has upheld the PJS injunction by a majority of four to one, preventing the media from naming the celebrity involved in an alleged threesome at the end of 2011. This is an eagerly-awaited judgment in the most high-profile injunction case of the year to date. By way of a recap, in early January the … Continue reading Supreme Court upholds “celebrity threesome” injunction: PJS v News Group Newspapers Limited

In Orb ARL and others v Fiddler and another, Mr Justice Popplewell discharged a Norwich Pharmacal order following the discovery of serious failures by the applicants to fulfil their duty of full and frank disclosure.  There was also significant evidence to suggest that the true purpose of the application was to gain an advantage in … Continue reading “Abusive” Norwich Pharmacal order discharged

In Mace (Russia) Ltd v Retansel Enterprises Ltd, the Commercial Court discharged a without notice injunction to restrain continuation of Russian arbitration proceedings because of material non-disclosure by the claimant, but it granted a new on-notice injunction as the Russian proceedings were an improper attempt to subvert London arbitration proceedings. Background The claimant had agreed … Continue reading High Court grants anti-suit injunction to prevent Russian arbitration proceedings and clarifies scope of restriction on obtaining interim relief in LCIA Rules

In Shipowners Mutual Protection And Indemnity Association (Luxembourg) v Containerships Denizcilik Nakliyat Ve Ticaret A.S., the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by Containerships (the “Charterers”) against an anti-suit injunction restraining proceedings in Turkey against the claimant P&I Club.  The court confirmed that in circumstances where a third party seeks to enforce rights granted under … Continue reading Court of Appeal upholds anti-suit injunction granted against “victim” attempting to take advantage of foreign direct action laws

In an Opinion published last month on a reference currently before the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) (McFadden v Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH (Case C-484/14)), Advocate General Szpunar addressed the issues of: Whether a password-free, free of charge WiFi service could be liable for infringement of content transmitted via that service, … Continue reading Injunctions could be granted against free-of-charge, password-free WiFi service providers, but within limits, says EU Advocate General

The High Court has granted injunctions to US claimants in relation to two closely related applications. The case (Power Places Tours Inc and others v Free Spirit and another) is unusual as one of the injunctions granted was to protect US residents from being harassed online by an individual, notwithstanding that they did not appear … Continue reading English High Court grants US residents injunction to prevent online harassment