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In Elizabeth Watson and Craig Watson (proposed claimants), the High Court provided a salient reminder that, unless there is good cause, an application for an interim injunction must be made after the issue of the claim form and notice must be given to the other side. The Bank of Scotland plc had brought possession proceedings … Continue reading Court reminds parties that injunction applications should be made after issue and on notice

In Kazakhstan Kagazy plc v Baglan Zhunus, the Commercial Court held that there is an urgent need for commercial practitioners to bring a sense of proportion to large claims involving emergency without notice freezing orders and heavy interlocutory applications and set out various guiding principles to deal with this issue. The case serves as a … Continue reading Court sets out guiding principles for parties dealing with large claims involving without notice emergency freezing orders and heavy interlocutory applications

In Alfa Finance Holding AD v Quarzwerke GmbH, the High Court considered whether to grant specific performance (a type of mandatory injunction) of a clause in an agreement between the parties which gave the claimant a right of access to various documentation. On 31 December 2012, the parties entered into an agreement whereby the defendant … Continue reading Court grants order for specific performance and confirms some general principles in relation to injunctions