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In Ecobank Transnational Incorporated v Tanoh, the Court of Appeal was asked to consider the Commercial Court’s decision to refuse an anti-enforcement injunction against two foreign judgments. Practical implications This case provides a useful reminder of the factors that will be relevant to the court’s discretion when considering anti-enforcement injunctions. Applicants should be aware of … Continue reading Court of Appeal considers the role of comity and delay in the context of anti-enforcement injunctions

In The Financial Conduct Authority v Da Vinci Invest and others, the High Court granted the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) a permanent injunction and imposed penalties of £7.75 million against two companies and three individual traders for committing market abuse.  This is the first time that the FCA has sought a permanent injunction from the … Continue reading FCA granted a permanent injunction in market abuse case

In Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd v Taylor and others, the High Court confirmed that it had jurisdiction to continue a freezing order pending an application to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal.  That jurisdiction was, however, subject to a number of conditions, including that the appeal had a real prospect of success. Background … Continue reading Freezing orders pending an appeal – what jurisdiction does the High Court have?

In Wood and another v Baker and others, the High Court considered a without notice application by joint trustees in bankruptcy for a freezing injunction over assets of companies which were being used by the bankrupt to conceal money and avoid his obligations to disclose assets to the trustees (under section 333 of the Insolvency … Continue reading Injunctive relief pierces the corporate veil