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In R (Interim Executive Board of X) v Ofsted, Mr Justice Stuart-Smith upheld an interim injunction restraining the publication of a negative Ofsted school report, finding there was plausible evidence it could cause widespread and irreparable damage.  The High Court decided that the claimant had established pressing grounds and a pressing social need in exceptional … Continue reading Injunction preventing the publication of Ofsted report upheld pending judicial review application

In Warwickshire County Council v Matalia, Warwickshire County Council was granted an injunction by the High Court to prevent the defendant, Mr Matalia, from publishing information about the Birmingham 11 + exam to a website registered to him. The Council sought the injunction on the grounds of breach of confidence and/or under section 222 of … Continue reading Injunction granted to prevent publication of information about 11+ exam

If a solicitor, without the permission of the Law Society, employs another solicitor in the knowledge that he has been struck off the roll, section 41(4) of the Solicitors Act 1974 provides that the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal or the High Court can make an order for the striking off of the employing solicitor. It also … Continue reading “Ground-breaking” permanent injunction granted against struck off solicitor