The applicant in Parvalorem v Oliveira was a Portuguese state-owned organization and the first respondent (a director of the second and third respondent companies) was the subject of criminal proceedings together with associated civil proceedings in Portugal. The applicant had obtained a without notice freezing order as interim relief ancillary to the Portuguese proceedings pursuant … Continue reading Should a freezing order over the domestic assets of a foreign defendant with foreign assets contain the usual exception for payments in the ordinary course of business and/or for living and legal expenses?

Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority (“MWDA”) conducted a procurement exercise for a £1.2 billion contract for the construction and operation of a new energy and waste facility.   Covanta was an unsuccessful bidder and commenced proceedings against MWDA claiming manifest procedural errors.  Covanta claimed that the contract award should be suspended under Regulation 47G of the Public … Continue reading Injunction granted to prevent award of contract by Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority

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