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ZYT and another v Associated Newspapers Ltd was (what is now) a comparatively rare example of an injunction being sought and granted in a privacy claim against a newspaper. Mr Justice Warby heard an urgent appeal on behalf of two claimants who sought a temporary injunction and anonymity order to restrain the Daily Mail (which is … Continue reading Tipping the balance – when is it in the public interest to take a look at a “private” relationship?

In Allfiled UK Ltd v Eltis and others, the High Court granted a bespoke interim injunction to protect confidential information and intellectual property.  In doing so, it considered the application of the American Cyanamid test where it was argued that the grant of an interim injunction would effectively dispose of the action. Facts The applicant … Continue reading Bespoke interim injunction to protect confidential information and IP

In CHS v DNH, a woman (“CHS”) with a “high public profile” was granted a non-disclosure injunction against her boyfriend (“DNH”) (or as HHJ Hodge QC predicted, “shortly to be former boyfriend”) to stop him publishing information about her relationship with a third party: “because the reasons for publication [were], on the evidence, motivated by … Continue reading Judge grants non-disclosure injunction against boyfriend “motivated by malice”

In Warwickshire County Council v Matalia, Warwickshire County Council was granted an injunction by the High Court to prevent the defendant, Mr Matalia, from publishing information about the Birmingham 11 + exam to a website registered to him. The Council sought the injunction on the grounds of breach of confidence and/or under section 222 of … Continue reading Injunction granted to prevent publication of information about 11+ exam

Credit Suisse Trust v Banca Monte Dei Pasche Di Siena involved two separate but linked applications for Norwich Pharmacal orders against Italian banks. Norwich Pharmacal orders allow the applicant to obtain information from a third party mixed up in the proceedings to identify, and therefore allow for a claim against, the wrongdoer. A trust, of … Continue reading Jurisdiction to grant Norwich Pharmacal order against a party outside the jurisdiction if they have a branch within it

In Georgian American Alloys Inc v White & Case LLP, the court granted a permanent injunction to prevent a firm of solicitors from acting for or advising Mr Victor Pinchuk in multi-billion dollar proceedings brought by Mr Pinchuk in the Commercial Court.  The judgment illustrates the high threshold required to satisfy the court that sufficient … Continue reading Permanent injunction to prevent solicitors acting in a Commercial Court action