The County Court Remedies Regulations 2014: new powers for the new unified County Court

Luke Pardey

The County Court Remedies Regulations 2014 came into force on 22 April 2014, conferring additional powers on the County Court in relation to freezing injunctions and search orders.

The 2014 Regulations replaced 1991 Regulations of the same name, which expressly removed the court’s jurisdiction to grant freezing injunctions. There is no equivalent provision in the 2014 Regulations, so the court’s jurisdiction has been reinstated.

As to search orders, the court’s jurisdiction has been extended, but remains fettered. A High Court or Court of Appeal judge sitting in the County Court can now make a search order, and a County Court judge can vary a search order made in the High Court with the consent of the parties. Otherwise, it is still the case that applications for search orders need to be made to the High Court, and the 2014 Regulations provide that such applications lodged with the County Court will be deemed automatically to include an application for a temporary transfer.

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